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Other Benefits offers a fully integrated software solution that contains the following services:

Catalog. Using our parts catalog capabilities, sellers have the ability to map their inventory to parts' pictures, descriptions and manufacturers' drawing. The dealer can present the part as completely as possible to the buyer. This also greatly reduces returns and restocking.

Importer: does not require the seller to maintain dual or separate inventory control systems. The Importer allows data from the seller's current inventory system to be automatically fed to the database for inclusion in the on-line store. The difficulty of individually uploading hundreds or thousands of separate parts is eliminated with a quick and easy file feed.

Storefront: provides the dealer with a private store to sell parts through. The buyers can search using a common search engine (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) or social media site (currently only Facebook but plans to expand to twitter, etc.) and find the dealer's offering. The buyer then has the option to place the order directly on the Storefront or call the dealer to discuss the part. We anticipate over 90% of the parts will be sold directly through the Storefront. The buyer can pay directly with credit card, PayPal or Google wallet.

Excess Inventory Sales: offers dealers a way to upload their entire excess inventory to their Storefront in one step, eliminating the need to create individual sales pages. And, if the part number is included with the upload, the full power of our Catalog is available to the buyer as well.

Order Router: Once the buyer places an order on-line, will route the order through its network and notify the seller of the order. This provides the seller with the flexibility to choose his preferred fulfillment method (direct, manufacturer or third party). The system also continues to remind the seller of the order until the Order Router is informed that fulfillment has occurred.

Reporting: We provide an extensive, end-user controlled reporting system. This allows the seller to monitor all the activity on the site and ensure we are meeting our commitment to him and he is meeting his commitment to his buyers.

Locator: offers a unique parts locator that offers the buyer the option of buying locally from the closest seller or from the lowest cost seller. In addition, the buyer can select the order in which he wishes the search to present results. For example, if price is the primary driver, the buyer can sort the parts first by showing used parts sellers, then replacement parts sellers and finally OEM seller. If, however, timeliness is more critical, then the buyer can sort search results by location. By offering access to new OEM, new replacement and used parts from the same Storefront, we expect to grow our buying population significantly. Once the demand has been created, the supply will follow.

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